About Us

It seems that until now we have been in a grey area. We would like to conduct our activities within a regulated framework. But we have not thought about breaking the law: blockchain as a technology is a positive thing in and of itself. It increases the resilience of any business, government or public entity. You have to understand that in the crypto industry there are no rules, you make up your own rules, which is very cool. It’s just the Wild West, but the Wild West in a good way. You come up with your own rules, you offer them to people, and people agree. It’s freedom in the best sense of the word.” “Now we can see the development of ICOs, that is, crowdfunding on blockchain. The idea of ICO no longer exists only within the cryptocurrency community, it is becoming part of the real economy. Thanks to ICOs, various projects are raising tens of millions of dollars a day on Ethereum and Waves. It is a new and more effective way of raising funds. The process of legitimising this mechanism is now underway. If it is legitimised, it will give a huge boost to business development, because many things in terms of doing business can be optimised