is a Decenralized Project is a Decentralized Project
to Boost Easily and Quickly your Social Networks and
to Promote your Airdrop with the Erc20 ASMRT token !

HOTNEWS: [2019-03-27]    ASMRT Tokens listed on

HOTNEWS: [2019-03-25]    Support with BRAVE

HOTNEWS: [2019-03-02]    ASMRT Tokens listed on Satoexchange

HOTNEWS: [2019-02-27]    ASMRT Tokens BURNED: 200,000,000 new total supply

HOTNEWS: [2019-02-14]    1000 votes reached on Satoexchange

HOTNEWS: [2018-11-15]    ( read ... ) Flash private sale

HOTNEWS: [2018-11-10]    ( read ... ) PRIVATE SALE STAGE II

HOTNEWS: [2018-11-05]    ( read ... ) ASMRT token informations was updated on etherscan

HOTNEWS: [2018-11-01]    ( read ... ) To get your ASMRT tokens

HOTNEWS: [2018-10-19]    ( read ... ) ASMT become ASMRT token, why ?

flash prvate sale is a Decenralized Project
Limited Offer! (389 stages): Tokens sale is over!

prvate sale
You can buy some ASMRT tokens with low price during a limited time only on telegram!

5000 ASMRT / 0.002 eth (available until 2018-11-10)

5000 ASMRT / 0.005 eth (available from 2018-11-10 to 2018-12-30)

5000 ASMRT / 0.01 eth (available from 2018-12-01 to 2018-12-31)

Contact @voiloo (admin) on telegram

public sale
The public sale will start the 2019-01-02 for 30 days

5000 ASMRT / 0.1 eth

roadmap ASMRT contract address airdropsmart io devlopment airdropsmart airdrop
asmrt contract
ERC20 Token Address: 0x5b7cfbee45509b89417f26bbc28a8de11bca3726
Total Supply initial: 5,000,000,000
Total Supply after tokens burn: 200,000,000
Creator Supply: 92,183,800 (46%)
Distributed Supply: 107,816,200 (54%)

asmrt contract checked

token metrics

distribution asmrt

web booster social networks
Boost easily your product or your website quickly on all your social networks !
asmrt token erc20

project upcoming
We plan to make an ICO in January 2019 earlier

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AirdropSmart (ASMT) ICO rating

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project upcoming